Grassroots Initiative is Gaining Momentum Local Companies are Joining the “Support The Auto Industry” Movement

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Bloomfield Township, MI – IteroText Translation Services announced that the non-profit site they created called is encouraging community involvement and support for the “Big Three” automakers in Detroit. The website is designed as a central location for information regarding what impact the automotive industry has on Detroit and the United States. This information is critical to helping the nation understand the ripple effects this industry has on the region and the country.

“Our business has succeeded due to the opportunities these companies have offered us,” said Gabriel Issa, President of IteroText Translation Services.  “Our employees live and work here and they love this region. We want to do whatever we can so that everyone wins; from the manufacturers, to the dealers, to the suppliers and local businesses. And we know it starts with encouraging people to buy new, American-made vehicles. It’s that simple”

And IteroText Translation Services is setting the pace. The company is offering an incentive to their employees to buy American. Effective immediately, IteroText Translation Services will pay for 50% of the monthly lease or finance payment on any new GM vehicle for twenty-four (24) months.

Other Metro-Detroit companies in the area are beginning to follow suit. For example, MA Engineering of Birmingham has offered its employees $100/month towards the lease or purchase of any new GM, Chrysler, or Ford vehicle for twelve (12) months. The offer is good through June of 2009.

In addition, Sibco Inc. and Envisiontec have offered to pay for the first three (3) months of any new lease or finance of a GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle for all employees.

Companies who choose to step-up and participate in this program realize that it’s not going to be bailouts and government programs that save the auto industry; it’s going to be the coming together of people whose lively-hood depends on the future success of these iconic companies.
Please visit for more information or to participate.

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