About IteroText Translation Services

IteroText Translation Services was established in 1973 in Detroit, Michigan as AAA Language Services to address the growing need for international information exchange and technical translation.

Since those early years, the need has not only continued to expand, but the requirements for better consistency, higher quality and lower cost have increased.

technical translation servicesThe use of technology in the translation field has also changed the landscape.  With the advent of translation memory, content management and authoring memory systems, the field is rapidly advancing and IteroText has been leading the way.

Re-using translated text for our clients is not new to us. We have been utilizing translation memory for over 25 years in some way shape or form. Our use of a client specific translation library, standardizing text, refining the translation process and automation provides our clients significant savings in time and cost for technical projects.

Our clients’ recognition of these successes warranted a new corporate name in 2005 to better distinguish our capabilities from our competitors. After much consideration, IteroText came into being. This year we are celebrating our 36th year in the foreign language translation business.  We are excited to continue working with our clients and we are looking forward to another 36 years!