Translation Services Case Study

IteroText Translation Services provided into French Canadian and Spanish foreign language versions of information for a consumer product.


Little Griddle Inc., was increasing its distribution and a mass market merchant required multilingual warranty information to be placed in each product package to be approved for stores.

With America’s growth of diverse languages popping up just about everywhere they needed to fulfill their customer’s requirements and fast. As a small business they were not able to bring on board a new department to handle these part time needs. Iterotext was the answer to those requirements.


Project management and multilingual team

A dedicated project manager was assigned to communicate Little Griddle’s needs to the  translation teams were located in two countries. This enabled documents to be translated by native speakers who specialized in this type of documents, format and timing restrictions.    Effective translations and the smooth transition of files between the teams and the client were essential to the final translated documents arriving on time.


Global foreign language resources and the latest in translation technology.

  • Teamwork. Two native speaking translators, a graphic designer, two bi-lingual proofreaders and an editor worked on the documents after the linguistic translation was completed.
  • Cross time zones. Translators were used in various time zones; enabling IteroText Translations Services to offer the right voice for their international customers.
  • On-time delivery.  Due to the mass merchant retail buyers needs and printing constraints, delivery on time was essential.


Translated product information into Spanish and French Canadian allowed Little Griddle to gain a new retailer as a client and increase their market share and sales in North America.

Being confident in the quality of the translation and trusting their tight deadlines would be met helped Little Griddle feel at ease with the process and know that their products would be available in additional outlets.

“Thanks for being there for us, IteroText was just what we were looking for. Thanks to Beverly, their service was fast and easy for us to work with. Keep up the great work!”

John Button,VP Little Griddle Inc.