Technical Writing Services

Technical writing for translation and localization has a very different set of issues than writing for English only.  When translating this type of technical documentation, slight word changes can have exponential effects on time and costs.

Controlled Authoring Saves Millions of Dollars in Translation Costs.

We are not in the business of technical writing, however we are in the business of producing multilingual documentation.  This requires taking your source documents and making them appropriate for translation and for global markets.  Our team of technical writers understands all of the elements that need to come together for your products and services to be understood when you enter the new foreign market. All while keeping in mind that budgets are limited and time is always of the essence.

IteroText Translation Services has an experienced team of technical content creators that are well versed in various types of foreign-language documentation including:

  • Product Owner, User, and Information Guides
  • Training Manuals
  • Technical Service and Repair Information
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Audio and Video Scripts
  • Web Based Information and Software Systems

Our “Controlled Authoring” or “Writing for Re-use” approach ensures that content is written and localized with quality and speed in mind.

Content is created in a structured and formal process where consistency of terminology and style is maintained throughout each document and project. This unique method also ensures that translation costs will be greatly reduced each time a document is published.