Additional Services

Translation Services are the heart of our business.  However, with translation comes additional services that you may need to complete the project.  These include:

IteroText Translation Services offers our unique Total Project Responsibility method to help clients with end to end translation solutions.  You can choose our translation services only, or you can add additional services as you require for your specific projects.

Nearly all translation companies act mainly as project managers relying solely on a network of freelance translators to complete your translations. IteroText Translation Services goes far beyond the competition with capabilities that include:

  • Documentation Consulting to review your entire foreign language documentation process that can trim costs and turn-around time.
  • Localizing the original content to ensure that information matches the region & culture.
  • Controlled authoring to reduce your writing & translation costs while improving consistency.
  • Translation Memory to ensure consistency and reduce the price of ongoing similar projects.
  • In-house language experts establish, validate & maintain standards for European, Asian & Middle Eastern languages.
  • Document design & graphics professionals ensure a quality layout & high usability factor and at times automated desktop publishing is used to reduce turn-around time.
  • Global printing/publishing to reduce printing costs and shipping fees and prevent any delay due to customs.