Desktop Publishing Services

IteroText Translation Services understands the challenges of producing multilingual documentation:

  • Foreign language documents often result in expanded text requiring more space than the original document.  Our experience with moving text and graphics around to make the document as close to the original as possible will help your projects have the same look and feel in the translated version.
  • Character based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean require special use of native publishing applications in order to produce documents readable to the target user.  IteroText has these language-specific versions of software to handle the characters necessary to provide a final translated and published document.
  • Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Hebrew may be especially difficult requiring a complete reformat of the document as the target text is written right to left.  The time and care to reverse the original layout takes extensive hands-on experience and specialized software that IteroText has been using for decades.

IteroText Translation Services has the extensive experience and resources to provide a quality multilingual document solution for your publishing and technical translation situations.