Support The Auto Industry

January 9, 2009 by JeremiahStaes  
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IteroText Translation Services feels strongly that, our regional community has a great responsibility to do its share in supporting the automotive industry and the suppliers and businesses that are dependent on it. Support The Auto Industry is a non profit initiative to serve this need, Iterotext (an automotive supplier) has developed a website,, which aims to shore up grass roots community support for the automotive industry.

The website calls upon automotive suppliers to offer voluntary incentives to their employees, in addition to those offered by the car companies, that encourage new automotive sales. For example, Iterotext - as a GM supplier, will offer to reimburse a percentage of the monthly payment for any new General Motors vehicle purchased by an Iterotext employee. Likewise, other suppliers could offer any incentives of their choice to encourage their employees to make a new vehicle purchase.

We look at this grass roots initiative as a Win-Win-Win scenario for the car companies (through recovering some of their lost sales), for the suppliers (by maintaining their future business with the automotive companies) and for the employees/consumers (by benefiting from higher discounts and incentives). Actually, it is a Win for the Michigan community whose economy it so closely intertwined with the automotive industry and our country who also relies heavily on the automotive manufacturing industry.

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