Translation Services

IteroText is a leader in technical translation technology and innovation. We were among the first in the industry to build and use translation memory and terminology systems.

IteroText has translated millions of words into dozens of languages.

Our technical translation services include:

  • Providing in-house Japanese, Arabic, French, Spanish and Greek project managers with additional resources for German, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and all modern business languages.
  • Localizing content for both product variations and cultural considerations.
  • Modularization, Standardization and Automation of the key elements in the translation process.
  • Reducing the cost of translation for global customers.
  • Establishing methods to control authoring and restructuring legacy content for reuse throughout entire global documentation process.
  • Consulting on content management systems and working within these systems.
  • Developing granular and modular, topic based content for multiple deliverables across company publications.

Case Study:

For 25 years, IteroText has served a prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive industry. We translate the glove-box information for their exported vehicles.  This includes 300 books in more than 12 languages in less than 3 months time for each model year. Our system of writing, translation, design and editing is streamlined to handle this work on a regular basis. Continued savings is an essential component of our relationship with this OEM. We have continually found ways to save our client money, time and headaches.

What can we translate for you?

  • Technical Documentation, Owner’s and Service Manuals, Engineering Specifications and Blue Prints, User Instructions, and Training Guides
  • Software and Websites
  • Medical Information
  • Legal Documents, Patents and Forms

Your work will have its own very specific language needs and timeline.  We will ensure that your projects are given the attention to quality and delivery that you and your projects require.

Difficult material and uncommon language pairs are potential pitfalls and may cause unnecessary delays. IteroText assigns only subject-matter experts to translate your documents and native speakers of the target language for accurate translation, localization, globalization, proofreading and editing.

IteroText ensures that your translated documents will possess the same quality as your originals for every project.