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Arabic Translation Services

Whatever your Arabic technical translation and documentation needs, IteroText has the expertise and linguistic experience to provide the highest quality translation services.   We only utilize the services of native speakers to guarantee that your translation is clear, culturally relevant and represents your original materials.

Arabic Facts:

  • Arabic is spoken by over 200 million people in more than 22 countries.
  • Arabic is mainly used throughout the Arabian Peninsula as well as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, and Chad.
  • Arabic is one of the six official languages of the UN.
  • Arabic plays an important part in the lives of Muslims, for it is the sacred language of Islam and its holy book, the Qur’an.
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) - is the primary language of the media and culture can also be called high Arabic in some places.
  • MSA is syntactically, morphologically and phonologically based on classical Arabic (that used in the Qur’an) and is primarily written, not spoken.
  • There are several spoken Arabic dialects that vary primarily based on geography.
  • Arabic script is comprised of 28 basic letters, eight additional letters and eight optional diacritics.
  • Arabic is a right to left language and can be bi-directional, which can require special software and desktop publishing programs.
  • Arabic technical translation projects require subject matter experts who are native speakers as Arabic traditionally does not have words for technical functions.