Portuguese Translation Services

Whatever your Portuguese documentation needs, IteroText has the expertise and linguistic experience to provide the highest quality technical translation services.   We only utilize the services of native speakers to guarantee that your translation is clear, culturally relevant and represents your original materials.

Portuguese Facts

  • Portuguese is the eighth most spoken language in the world.
  • There are more than 210 million Portuguese speaking people in the world.
  • Portuguese is spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Andorra, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Luxembourg, Macau (China), Mozambique, Namibia, Sao Tome and Pincipe.
  • There are some similarities between Spanish and Portuguese because they are both languages from the Iberian Peninsula.   However, they are different languages not merely different dialects.   Portuguese has its roots in Latin with a number of words and sounds from Arabic, French and Italian with some elements of the indigenous South American and African languages mixed in.