Technical Translation Services Case Study

IteroText Translation Services provided French, German, Italian, and Spanish foreign language versions of  manuals for an automotive equipment manufacturer.


Power Probe Inc was receiving more and more requests each day to serve new markets around the globe.

English manuals were not going to be useful to their international customers who had to understand how to use the equipment correctly.   Additionally, Power Probe was looking to increase sales revenue by expanding internationally.  They did not have the internal staff to handle the translation process, they needed to hire a professional translation team.


Project management and a staff working across the globe.

A dedicated project manager was assigned to communicate Power Probe’s needs to the  technical translation teams with subject matter expertise in automotive equipment and engineering skills that were located in four countries and multiple time zones. This enabled documents to be translated by native speakers who specialized in the types of products that Power Probe sold. Effective translations and the smooth transition of files between the teams and the client were essential to the final product.


Global foreign language resources and the latest in translation technology.

  • Teamwork. Four native speaking translators, a graphic designer, four bi-lingual proofreaders and an editor worked on the documents after the linguistic translation was completed.
  • Cross time zones. Translators were used in various time zones; enabling IteroText Translations Services to offer
  • Technology. Fully developed glossaries and translation memory were used, ensuring consistency throughout all documentation.
  • Expandable staff.  As more languages were required we added staff accordingly.
  • On-time delivery.  Due to printing constraints, delivery on time was essential.


Translated manuals into foreign languages allowed Power Probe Inc., to release its products globally and increase sales around the world.

Being confident in the quality of the translation helped them feel at ease with the process and know that their products were understood in their new markets.

“Iterotext was our choice due to it’s expertise in our industry (tools for automotive technicians),… We have many detailed instructions, and Iterotext was able to help us fine tune and translate all of it into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. These are future markets of ours and the manuals will help us to instruct and therefore make sales!”

David Sparks, Power Probe Inc.