Quality Translation Process

The production process of IteroText Translation Services assures our clients the highest professionalism, accuracy and overall quality of our services. Confidentiality is also guaranteed for all material.

The IteroText quality process includes:

  • Screening - Translators undergo language tests. All credentials,
    certifications, experience, academic background, software skills
    and regional suitability are verified.
  • Project Management - Evaluation of material and timetable to assign proper translation team.
  • Terminology Check - Isolate key terms to assure consistency in writing style, terminology & context.
  • Translation Memory - Use of a robust project library enhances quality and consistency.
  • Proofreading - Fluid context and content editing.
  • Print Check - Verification of page layout, titling, pagination, etc. for final customer approval.

Our quality process delivers your multilingual documents on time.

IteroText is also a charter and committee member of the official SAE J2450 Quality Metric for Translation Services.  The first metric of its kind to measure and track the quality of translation services.

You can be assured that your multilingual documents will receive expert care during all steps of the production process with IteroText Translation Services.

  • Translators and proofreaders are experienced subject-matter experts.
  • Each project receives no less than three complete review cycles.

To streamline data management and production processes, many of our clients rely on IteroText for entire data management utilizing our Total Project Management services. Advantages include:

  • Centralized content handling - one repository for all your publications
  • Consistency - homogenous terminology and style
  • Manageable data - uniformity of file formats

From writing and translation services to graphic design, desktop publishing and printing, the vast experience of IteroText Translation Services ensures only the finest localized and translated documents reach your target audience.